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Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UBC.

I also play the piano, bass guitar, and the pipe organ.

You can download my CV here.


My interests include, but are not limited to:

Publications and preprints

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I have made a number of contributions to PennyLane, an open-source quantum software framework, and the Xanadu Quantum Codebook, an interactive, online quantum computing textbook.

More software contributions are listed on my GitHub profile.


In January 2022, I am teaching CPEN 400Q / EECE 571Q, "Gate-model quantum computing", at UBC. Lecture slides and course materials will be accessible on the course GitHub page.


The following are some topical notes which may or may not be useful for others. Some were written for class projects, others for friends or for fun.

Introduction to quantum computing and quantum annealing (Materials for a lecture series given at TRIUMF, May 2019)

A casual primer on finite fields

Bounded depth quantum circuits (for John Watrous' course on Quantum Complexity Theory, summer 2014)

A brief introduction to unitary 2-designs (for John Watrous' course on Applications of Haar measure in Quantum Information, fall 2014)