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Quantum software and algorithms research


The QSAR group works on designing and implementing the software that enables us to write and run algorithms on quantum computers. It was established in 2022 in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UBC, and is a part of Quantum BC.

This page is currently under construction; in the future it will contain more details about on-going research projects, group members, and open positions.

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Current members


For prospective graduate students

I am seeking two new PhD students, starting either May 2023 or September 2023, for research projects in the following areas:

Please contact me directly via e-mail (olivia at ece.ubc.ca) with a copy of your CV, and a link to any relevant software-related online profiles (e.g., GitHub).

Prospective students should hold or be enrolled in an MSc/MASc degree program, or be willing to begin their graduate studies in one. You must be a proficient programmer, but you do not need to know any quantum computing! Students coming from domain-specific science backgrounds (e.g., physics, chemistry, biology), as well as those from groups who have been traditionally under-represented in the sciences, are especially encouraged to reach out.

UBC is one of three BC universities home to the NSERC CREATE in Quantum Computing Program, a degree "add-on" program that provides additional training in quantum computing through hands-on workshops and research projects, as well as an industrial internship component. Prospective QSAR group members are encouraged to explore and apply to this program in addition to their graduate studies.

For UBC undergraduate students

I am open to supervising undergraduate students. If you know how to program and are interested in exploring quantum computing for a co-op term, summer research project, honours thesis, or a directed studies course, please get in touch with your CV, link to a GitHub profile if you have one, and details about what topics you are most interested in.